Arnprior hospital to purchase new ultrasound machine

ARNPRIOR – The CMA Foundation’s COVID-19 Community Hospital Fund granted $86,600 to Arnprior Regional Health Foundation (ARH) as part of its COVID-19 relief initiative to support those on the frontline of the pandemic.

The funds announced today (Dec. 16) will be used to purchase a new ultrasound machine for ARH’s Emergency Department by early 2021. This will allow the team to treat patients rapidly and accurately diagnose their urgent medical needs.

“Our emergency department’s current ultrasound machine needed to be replaced in order to provide our community with leading-edge diagnostic imaging that keeps us safe and healthy,” Arnprior Regional Health Foundation executive director Ben Gardiner said. “We greatly appreciate the support from CMA Foundation and are thrilled that we have been able to help make this significant equipment upgrade for local healthcare.”

The ultrasound machine has become more important to emergency medicine than ever before. Research shows that ultrasound can accurately identify or diagnose a wide range of conditions, for example: gallstones, kidney stones, internal bleeding and several problems related to blood flow and the heart.

“The evidence stacks up that ultrasound is a safe, accessible test that can reduce wait times, expedite necessary care and improve patient outcomes,” emergency department Chief Dr. Terence Woods. “The addition of a new ultrasound machine in the Emergency Department is a much-needed investment in our community.”

The CMA Foundation announced the COVID-19 Community Hospital Fund as part of its commitment to provide COVID-19 relief. The $5 million fund supports hospitals across Canada with fewer than 100 beds to meet their evolving needs with activities, equipment and training that enhance staff wellness, improve access to care and help prepare for future pandemics.

“I am inspired every day by the dedication of physicians, healthcare providers and all hospital workers as they continue to confront the COVID-19 pandemic head-on,” CMA Foundation President Allison Seymour said. “We know these are extraordinary times that require extraordinary support. From managing evolving healthcare needs to address changes in the community, to ensuring the proper equipment and training for staff, our hope is that these funds will have a positive impact as we continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic.”

The CMA Foundation is the charitable arm of the Canadian Medical Association and provides impactful charitable giving that furthers excellence in health care. To date, the foundation has committed more than $30 million in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.