ARAC recommends permanent relief to residents rebuilding after flood

OTTAWA – The city’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee (ARAC) approved giving permanent regulatory relief to property owners in rural areas who are rebuilding after flooding.

 The committee is recommending to council that property owners should not have to get minor variances from the Zoning By-Law when repairing or rebuilding structures damaged during spring flooding. The city saw severe flooding in both 2017 and 2019.

Council approved the relief provisions in 2017 but set a repeal date of Sept. 13, 2020. This revision would make the provisions permanent and provide clarity about which properties would qualify. The aim is to make it easier to rebuild on a less flood-prone location within a given lot. The changes impact properties in both urban and rural areas and Planning committee has already recommended approval.

The committee also is recommending to council that work on a proposed extension of the Hobbs Municipal Drain in Rideau-Goulbourn be terminated. An engineer’s report shows that the proposed drainage works would be in a provincially significant wetland and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority has denied permission to proceed with the project.

The committee approved minor changes to the city’s Zoning By-Law for the next stages of Minto’s Mahogany housing development in Manotick. The adjustments include small changes in lot setbacks and allowed building areas.

Items from today’s (Nov. 7) committee meeting requiring City Council approval will be considered at the meeting of Wednesday, Nov. 27.