Almonte health care adds 500th piece of art

ALMONTE – The walls of Fairview Manor and Almonte General Hospital (AGH) are filled with beautiful pieces of donated artwork. The artwork is curated by the Art in the Manor (AIM) committee, a talented group of artists and local residents who have been volunteering their time and talent for more than a decade. Recently, the committee accepted its 500th donation of art.

“The goal is to create a more home-like atmosphere for residents and patients, as well as staff, volunteers and visitors,” director of care at Fairview Manor Karen Buness,. “Thank you to the AIM volunteer committee who curates and cares for the art. And thank you to the community members who have donated beautiful pieces of art.”  

Fittingly, the 500th piece of art was donated by Pam Murphy, retired Director of Care.  Murphy donated five pieces, including the 500th piece – a Chinese silk embroidery.

There is a dedicated Hallway Gallery (located between Almonte General Hospital and Fairview Manor) which regularly exhibits work from local artists. The goal is to promote art in the community and create a comforting space for everyone.

 “We’re lucky to live in a community that has so many artists and so many people that appreciate art. It’s amazing,” sums up committee member Sue Hamilton. “It makes such a big difference to walk in and see art – for everyone to enjoy.”

AIM invites donations of original artwork, original hand pulled prints and photographs, signed limited edition reproductions and photographs, or pieces of unique historical or local interest. Artwork is accepted based on condition of the work and appropriateness for public display in our environment. For more information, email