750 scouts take over Fitzroy Park

FITZROY HARBOUR – It was a weekend of fun and adventure for 750 scouts of all ages as they took over Fitzroy Provincial Park to host their annual Carleton Area Camporee.

The opening ceremonies kicked off the massive Camporee in Fitzroy Provincial Park. Photo by Jake Davies
The opening ceremonies kicked off the massive Camporee in Fitzroy Provincial Park. Photo by Jake Davies

Since 1968 Scouts Canada has brought Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from Arnprior, Carp, Cobden, Kanata, Richmond, Stittsville and of course, West Carleton.

It’s a weekend long adventure where scouts learn camping skills, practice wilderness safety and challenge themselves in a series of activities and games, all while having fun and making new friends.

Other activities include constructing canoe shelters, aqueducts, forts, lifting cranes and catapults. They learned skills such as emergency carry, navigation and flint and steel fire lighting.

Troops each set up their own campsites all over the park and each troop was responsible for leading an activity.

West Carleton Online dropped by Saturday morning (May 25) just in time to catch the opening ceremonies.

“It’s the youth that plan it,” deputy area commissioner Sharon Lefebvre told West Carleton Online.

This year’s theme in the 53-year-old tradition was Find Your Own Adventure.

Troops took time to create costumes and they were on full display for the opening ceremonies.

The First Carp Scouts’ theme was Knights and Princesses and the young troop was dressed appropriately.

Tegan Cavanagh, 6, a Beaver with the Carp troop spoke about his costume.

“I’m having fun,” he said. “We planned out to have some knight stuff.”

His younger brother Devlin, 4, despite being “not quite a Beaver,” also came along.

Tegan was sure to point out, “marshmallows are my favourite.”

David Grimaldi, 10, is a Howler. He’s not sure but thinks this is his second time at the Camporee.

Carp First Scouts' David Grimaldi, wonders what's for lunch. Photo by Jake Davies
Carp First Scouts’ David Grimaldi, wonders what’s for lunch. Photo by Jake Davies

Regardless “it’s very fun,” he said. “It’s inspiring to be here. I try to go camping every time I can.”

While Saturday was the first day of planned activities, he stayed dry and had a lovely Friday night as well.

“I played with my friends,” David said. “Did some whittling, set up a fire and just stayed by the fire until curfew.”

He enjoyed the morning’s opening ceremonies.

“It was pretty cool,” David said but he’s ready “to get to the other stuff.”

While he enjoys the organized activities, he’s a fan of the downtime as well.

“Free time is one of my favourite times,” David said. “And seeing what we’re having for lunch.”

The scouts spent two nights camping in the park before heading home Sunday afternoon.