4-H judges the judges in Carp

CARP – On Saturday, July 26, more than 60 4-H members from 10 eastern Ontario counties (Carleton, Dundas, Frontenac, Glengarry, Grenville, Lanark, Leeds, Renfrew, Russell, Stormont) gathered to put their decision-making and public-speaking skills to the test.

The Regional 4-H Judging competition is organized annually by volunteers representing 4-H associations, and this year Carleton County hosted the event at the Carp Fairgrounds.

Many of the youth (ages nine to 21) had to qualify to attend the event by excelling at their local judging night, while others were simply interested to take part. There were team and individual competitions.

Judging is key part of the Ontario 4-H program. Members learn how to make decisions based on criteria, and then are expected to back up those decisions with oral reasons.

Each member judged a class of dairy heifers, sheep, soil health, eggs, barn quilts, cucumbers and potatoes. While it is interesting to learn about each class, the emphasis is on the ability to assess the class based on the score card; make a decision; and then explain why one sample was superior to the other. In addition, the members completed a general quiz, and an identification quiz.

The event required many dedicated volunteers who were responsible to bring the classes, listen to the reasons, tally scores, make quizzes and chaperone members.

4-H judges carefully scrutinize the techniques used by other 4-H judges. Courtesy 4-H
4-H judges carefully scrutinize the techniques used by other 4-H judges. Courtesy 4-H

The top scores in each age category are as follows:

Novice (9-11)

1. Quinn MacDonald – Glengarry

2. Kylie Cornellissen – Glengarry

3. Claire Poirer – Glengarry

Junior (12-14)

1. Cassidy Porteous – Dundas

2. Brooklin Begg – Dundas

3. Emma McLellan – Lanark

Intermediate (15-17)

1. Bruce Porteous – Dundas

2. Rhiannah Gallagher – Carleton

3. Courtney Orser – Frontenac

Senior (18-21)

1. Natalie Templeton – Grenville

2. Michael Sullivan – Carleton

3. Kyleigh Jampen – Dundas

Teams are made up of four members in the age group and the members scores are added together to determine the winner. 

Junior Teams (9-14)

1. Dundas

2. Glengarry

3. Russell

Senior Teams (15-21)

1. Dundas

2. Grenville 

3. Frontenac

4-H is an organization for youth development. Hands-on activities and topics of interest, including judging are a means to developing the leadership and life skills of young people.