The Establishment Brewing Company Releases Astronomie Domine Barrel-Aged Belgian Dark Strong Beer

CALGARY, AB – The Establishment Brewing Company has announced the release of its latest limited edition barrel-aged ale.

Astronomie Domine (11.1% abv) is described as follows:

A year ago, this Belgian Dark Strong left the Earth’s plane in search of the dark, aromatic confines of a red-wine oak barrel. Floating down, way down, flavours resounded, making it exceedingly drinkable. If this is your first foray into sour space, here’s what to expect: It’s like joining a rhythmic counterculture for your tastebuds. This big bold bang of flavour begins at the initial boil-up with dark candy syrups and rich malts, then is matured carefully in selected barrels – creating characteristics of burnt caramel and dark fruits. All the while, known yeasts continue to expand the unknown flavour universe. So much so, you’d need the first Friedmann equation to calculate all the flavours. The result? A balanced funky acidity that could warm the iciest underground waters of Jupiter.

Astronomie Domine is available now at the Establishment retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: The Establishment Brewing Company mailing list