Stone City Ales Rebrands as Stone City Brew Co.

KINGSTON, ON – Stone City Ales has announced details of a rebranding effort that includes a new logo and a slightly different business name.

From the announcement:

After 7 years of operation, we were feeling a bit dated. So we went retro, with a playful 70s vibe and softer hues. After a year of COVID-19, we felt that everyone could use some uplift, so we have gone with more colour, a more contemporary look, and a little fun.

We invite you to check out the new interior design and mural completed by Jenny Mooring of Jenny Jade Tattoo. She is one talented and energetic woman. Jenny also worked with Vincent Perez of Everlovin’ Press (who has done most of our design work) on our new logo. And you will notice we have dropped the “ales” and gone with Stone City Brew Co.

The new name and logo is now featured on the brewery’s website and social media, and should start appearing on cans and bottles soon.

Source & Photo: Stone City Brew Co. mailing list