Steel & Oak Brewing Releases Blush Rosé Saison and Lager de Blancs Pinot Lager

NEW WESTMINSTER, BC – Steel & Oak Brewing has announced the release of a new vintage of an annual favourite, and a brand new beer inspired by a traditional wine style.

Blush Rosé Saison 2020 (6% abv):

We’ve always imagined our Rosé Saison in a beautiful 750ml bottle. A little upgrade on the day to day. Celebration size. Well, we figured making it through 2020 is cause for celebration! This year’s vintage of Blush was created by brewing a Saison with barley, spelt and flaked wheat, then conditioning it on a 70/30 blend of Cab Franc and Merlot skins from our New West neighbours at Pacific Breeze Winery.

Lager de Blancs Pinot Lager (7.3% abv):

Pacific Breeze also had some Pinot Blanc skins this season so we jumped on them, figuratively. We brewed our favourite lager recipe and conditioned it on the Pinot grape skins, naturally carbonating it in 500ml bottles. Lager de Blancs is playful take on the classic Blanc de Blancs wine style and has notes of stone fruit, gooseberries and lychee with a sparkling wine-like finish.

Both beers are available now at the Steel & Oak retail store and online shop. Blush is also being distributed this week to select private liquor stores in British Columbia.

Source & Photo: Steel & Oak Brewing mailing list