Steam Whistle Brewing and Phillips Brewing & Malting Announce Business Collaboration

TORONTO, ON & VICTORIA, BC – Two of Canada’s longest running craft breweries have announced the launch of a new partnership to “help grow one another’s portfolio of products in their respective markets.”

The collaboration between Toronto’s Steam Whistle Brewing and Victoria’s Phillips Brewing & Malting is described as follows:

The arrangement embodies the collaborative spirit that has long-defined craft beer, as each partner will use their local expertise and decades-old relationships to help the other build their business. There is no change in ownership to either partner, and they will each remain completely independent. This collaboration is a natural fit, as both brewers share the same values and have a history of quality, innovation, sustainability, and community.

In its initial phase, the deal will see the breweries representing and promoting each other’s brands in their respective markets:

In Steam Whistle’s home market of Ontario, the “Good Beer Folks” will represent Phillips’ top-selling Electric Unicorn White IPA, Tiger Shark Citra Pale Ale, Blue Buck Ale, and Glitterbomb Hazy Pale Ale. In BC and Alberta, Phillips will represent Steam Whistle’s 6-beer portfolio: Steam Whistle Pilsner, Pale Ale, Session Light Lager and Lemon Shandy, as well as Fat Tire Amber Ale and Voodoo Ranger IPA, brewed in Canada on behalf of American craft beer partner, New Belgium Brewing.

Alongside the other brewer’s sales force, each company will have boots on the ground in each market to support brand-related initiatives. Once the initial products and markets are established, the duo will focus efforts on other provinces and potentially a broader portfolio of products.

For more details, see the full announcement.