Sawdust City Brewing Releases Twin Oaks Barrel-Aged Brett Ale

GRAVENHURST, ON – Sawdust City Brewing has announced the release of a new barrel-aged beer based on an old favourite.

Twin Oaks Barrel-Aged Brett Ale (10.5% abv) is described as follows:

Over the last few years we’ve barrel-aged our Princess Wears Girl Pants Belgian Saison and released it as The ODB. We always really liked that brand but as our palates changed we felt our barrel-aged Princess could use a bit more body to help fill out the mouthfeel and make it slightly less astringent. This year we took fresh Twin Pines IIPA and blended it with barrels of Princess that had been aging for over a year. We felt the big oily mouthfeel of the west coast IIPA would give us the extra body we were looking for. The results are fantastic. The extra body helps make the beer exceptionally drinkable while also bringing a richer, more golden-honey colour to the beer. The hops have mellowed, but they blend wonderfully with the fruit forward brett characters from the barrel-aging process.

Twin Oaks is available now at the Sawdust City retail shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Sawdust City Brewing