Reverence Barrel Works Launches Brolly Brew Co. Division

CAMBRIDGE, ON – Reverence Barrel Works has announced the launch of a new “brother brand [that] will encompass anything that does not fall under the Reverence umbrella.”

Unlike the focus on barrel-aged and wild ales of the main Reverence line-up, the new Brolly Brew Co. division offers a variety of styles – with “Session IPAs, Lagers, Pilsners, Dry Hopped Sours, DIPAs and Porters” mentioned in the announcement – all of them packaged in cans.

The new brand’s core line-up includes Lots of Zots Czech Pilsener (4.4% abv), Jaunty Dry-Hopped Sour (6% abv), Germane Munich Helles Lager (5% abv), and Nebulas Hazy Double IPA (8.3% abv).

Brolly beers are currently available the Reverence Barrel Works retail store, and a dedicated Brolly website will be launching soon. For now, details on current and new releases are being posted on the Brolly Brew Co. Instagram page.

Source & Photo: Reverence Barrel Works / Brolly Brew Co.