Nonsuch Brewing Releases Chambièreisling Barrel-Aged Beer-Wine Hybrid

WINNIPEG, MB – Nonsuch Brewing has announced the release of an ultra-limited variant on one of its unique Belgian-inspired ales.

Chambièreisling (8.7% abv) was created by blending a portion of the wort from a batch of Chambière that was released last year with Riesling grape must in a 60:40 proportion, fermenting it with Chambière yeast, and aging the beer/wine hybrid in an oak barrel for a year.

The result is described as follows:

After the emphatic pop of the cork, pour this straw-coloured fusion into your favourite stemmed, tapered glass. As it warms, pause and take in the complex aromas featuring floral and stone fruit notes as well as a distinct touch of funk, normally associated with Brettanomyces (although we didn’t include any).⁣ We recommend sipping this one slowly… not only because it is a remarkably smooth, 8.7% ABV beer with virtually no alcohol notes (despite the mild warming sensation), but to savour the unique blend of beer and wine flavours. On the palate, funky farmhouse ale notes, stone fruit, and citrus notes create a balanced harmony of dry beer and bright wine flavours that needs to be experienced to be believed.⁣

Chambièreisling is available now in a run of 100 x 750 ml cork-and-cage bottles via the Nonsuch online store for pick-up and delivery orders.

Source & Photo: Nonsuch Brewing