Matron Fine Beer Releases Dapper Vienna Lagerbier

BLOOMFIELD, ON – Matron Fine Beer has announced a new release in the “spirit of continuing our exploration into the beauty of malt and lagerbiers.”

Dapper Vienna Lagerbier (4.7% abv) is described as follows:

Predominantly brewed with Barn Owl Vienna malt and a proper helping of Munich for a neat and trim depth of flavour and richness. A dusting of chocolate malt enhances Dapper’s deep amber colour and  lends a delightfully toasty finish. An established bitterness from locally grown Cluster hops counterpoint the malt. Ten weeks of lagering are responsible for its clean, smooth edge all the while granting this beer the ability to be both incredibly satisfying and super easy drinking – and made with 95% Ontario ingredients.

Dapper is available now at the Matron retail store and online shop,

Source & Photo: Matron Fine Beer mailing list