Landwash Brewery Releases Saison Da Pearl

MOUNT PEARL, NL – Landwash Brewery has announced the release of its first bottle conditioned beer.

Saison Da Pearl (7% abv) was inspired by the beers that Landwash founders Christina Coady and Chris Conway brewed during their time at Toronto’s Folly Brewing, and is described as follows:

First, saisons are a style close to our heart. They are pale yeast-driven beers that have all sorts of notes of pepper, baking spice, and hints of vanilla from this unique yeast. Fermented extra warm, saisons are super crisp having originally been for farmers in Belgium recovering after a long day. Just in time for patio ‘saison’.

Second, bottle conditioning is a process where the beer is naturally carbonated by the yeast in the bottle. To our knowledge there haven’t been a lot of these done in Newfoundland yet, but it imparts a higher carbonation then we could get in a can which suits Belgian-originating beer styles perfectly! It also means these bottles can age for months (even a year or more) and continue to evolve in your cellar.

Three, Saison Dupont is the standard bearer brand and brewery for this style and played a role in preventing the extinction of the style. We figure, we’re in Da Pearl, let’s go with it!

Saison Da Pearl will be available starting at 12:00 noon today (May 19th) at the Landwash retail shop.

Source & Photo: Landwash Brewing