Kits Beach Beer Launches in Kitsilano, BC

KITSILANO, BC – A new beer brewed “for those who live in Kits, have lived in Kits, and wished they lived in Kits” is now available in Kitsilano, British Columbia.

Kits Beach Beer has been launched by James Boileau, Andrew Lavigne, and Dana Barnaby, three longtime friends and Kitsilano residents who aim to run “a beer company that captures the spirit of Kits.”

The Kits Beach brand made its debut early last year when Boileau opened Kits Beach Coffee on its namesake beach, and has now expanded to the company’s flagship Kits Beach Beer (5% abv), described as “a crisp, clean, lightly hopped Summer Ale with hints of citrus.”

Since zoning bylaws don’t currently allow for a brewing facility in Kitsilano itself, the trio is currently having their beer brewed at Settlement Brewing, and are planning to expand their line-up to include brands such as Kits Grapefruit Ale, Kits Summer Radler, Kits Winter Dark Lager, and a non-alcoholic Kits Ginger Beer.

Kits Beach Beer is available now at select local liquor stores and online orders for delivery. For more details, see the Kits Beach Beer website.

Source & Photo: Kits Beach Beer