HYPHA Project Releases Raveness IPA

VANCOUVER, BC – HYPHA Project, a Vancouver collective that “combines beer, art and community to release limited batches in custom cans designed by local artists,” has announced details of its latest release.

Raveness IPA (6.5% abv) is described as follows:

A double-dry hopped Northeast style IPA featuring Loral + Citra hops. Loral has wonderful floral + herbal notes with a backdrop of citrus + earthy character. Supported by Citra hops loaded with their now classic citrus + tropical profile. Whirlpool + multiple dry hop additions create a well-balanced + deliciously fragrant beer for all to drink!

The packaging for Raveness features artwork by Lani Imre, who provides the following notes about her design:

When I designed this image I wanted to capture a moment of uncertainty. I knew I was just embarking on a certain life challenge and the character in my drawing became reflective of my feelings of self-protectiveness. I included the raven as a companion and also as an element of wildness and wisdom.

Raveness IPA  can be ordered now via the HYPHA Project website for delivery via BeerVan or pick-up at BAO Down (115 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver).

Source & Photo: HYPHA Project mailing list