Great Lakes Brewery Retires Blonde Lager and Adds Great Lakes Lager to Core Line-Up

TORONTO, ON – Great Lakes Brewery has announced that it is retiring one of its longest running brands, and replacing it in the year-round line-up with a different but similarly named beer.

Blonde Lager is a one-time flagship brand which was known by several different names over the years – including Great Lakes LagerPremium Lager, and Golden Horseshoe Lager – before its current moniker.

While the brewery notes that Blonde Lager “served its purpose for all those years and we thank it for that,” it has been refining another lager to take its place, and now that time has come.

The new Great Lakes Lager (5% abv) has the following background and description:

Over the past 18 months or so, we’ve been brewing and releasing Great Lakes Lager for our retail store and for home delivery. It’s a beer near and dear to our hearts (OG beer label and beer name from 1987) that has a touch more complexity and craft character than the Blonde Lager.

This crystal-clear lager pours brilliantly bronze with a snowy white head that glistens like a polished crown. Aromas of lightly toasted malts that offer notes of honey and hay alongside some underlying lemon drop from a generous hop bill (for the style). The light bodied crisp beer is wonderfully refreshing with flavours of fresh straw and wet grass. A titch dry, Great Lakes Lager finishes clean with a noticeable bitterness reminiscent of a freshly cut lawn. A great everyday beer!

Great Lakes Lager is available now at the Great Lakes online store and retail shop, with an LCBO release planned to follow in coming weeks.

Source & Photo: Great Lakes Brewery mailing list