Good Robot Brewing Releases Uncle Giggles Hazy APA

HALIFAX, NS – Good Robot Brewing has announced the release of a beer that is like “a stand-alone episode of the X-Files in a can.”

Uncle Giggles Hazy APA (5.1% abv) has the following back-story and description:

Much of the design of the MouseTrap Lounge is inspired by our experience in the Haunted Mansion when we vacationed in DisneyWorld a couple years ago. Little did we know, we brought one of the spectres home with us.

Uncle Giggles is citrusy, crisp and clean. It has a lively body. It leaves dimes on the floor for Colin to find while he’s mopping up at the end of his shift.

Uncle Giggles is available now in the Good Robot retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Good Robot Brewing mailing list