Craft Heads Brewing Releasing Terpene Series for 4/20

WINDSOR, ON – Craft Heads Brewing has announced details of a special series of beers set for release on 4/20 that will put a spotlight on the close connection between hops and cannabis.

The Terpene Series is described as follows:

Both part of the Cannabaceae family, hops and cannabis are two closely related species. Their leaf and flower appearance are quite similar – green and filled with resinous goodies that give each strain a distinct flavour and smell. These non-psychoactive goodies are called terpenes and are found in both cannabis and hops. We’ve concocted a blend of various hops that contain the following terpenes to mimic the most popular 4/20 terpene profiles.

Myrcene (Earthy, Citrus)

Pinene (Piney, Earthy, Woody)

Caryoplyllene (Peppery, Woody)

Limonene (Citrus)

Linalool (Lavender, Floral)

We’ve infused these hop blends into our Pale Ale, Seltzer and Sour bases to create our Terpene Series of alcoholic beverages!

The Terpene Series can be pre-ordered now via the Craft Heads online store in mixed 4-packs of Pale Ales, Sours, and Seltzers, as well as in a 12-pack featuring the three 4-packs at a discounted price. Local orders will be available for pick-up or delivered on April 20th, and non-local orders elsewhere in Ontario will be shipped on the same day.

For more details, see the info page on the Craft Heads website.

Source & Photo: Craft Heads Brewing