Collective Arts Toronto Releases Endless Possibilities Gose and Skipping Stones Lager

TORONTO, ONCollective Arts Brewing has announced the release of two new small-batch beers brewed at the Collective Arts Toronto brewpub.

Endless Possibilities Gose (4.8% abv):

Mango. Habanero. Cilantro – yes, we’re talking about a beer! Endless Possibilities is the brainchild of Matt Hennessey from our brewing team. Inspired by his love of mango salsa, Matt’s recipe channels the combo of fruit, salt and a touch of heat into a hugely flavourful brew. Subtle sour character mingles with bright mango and a burst of freshness from the cilantro before finishing with a hint of gentle spice from the habanero.

Skipping Stones Lager (5.4% abv):

Skipping Stones is a refreshing Mexican lager with a unique hop character from the combo of Saaz, one of the German noble hops, and Motueka, a citrus-forward hop from New Zealand. Clean and flavourful up front with a crisp, dry finish – it’s the quintessential summer beer; perfect for sipping by the lake or on your patio.

Both beers are available now at the Collective Arts online shop, and the brewery retail stores in Toronto and Hamilton.

Source & Photo: Collective Arts Brewing