Bricklayer Brewing Releases Rhythm Nation Strawberry Hazy Blonde Ale

CHILLIWACK, BC – Bricklayer Brewing has announced the release of its latest limited edition beer.

Rhythm Nation Strawberry Hazy Blonde Ale (5.8% abv):

OK, here are 4 Very Important Things to say about our newest beer:
1. This is where the 80 lbs of fresh Agassiz strawberries went – they were the picture of absolute perfection.
2. Yes, this is a remake of the Cardamom Hazy Blonde that you all knew and loved – we replaced cardamom with strawberries.
3. When you get this beer, take a long slow inhale – you will smell the BEAUTY of those fresh strawberries. There’s nothing else like it. Then taste… the smell lingers on your palate and then you start chasing a strawberry flavour + aroma combo until your pint is gone.
4. Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation (1989). Listen to it. And imagine Kristopher, Bricklayer’s Head Brewer, performing a dance at his grade 7 talent show to that song. And before you go there – NO, he refuses to recreate it (believe me, I asked).

Rhythm Nation is on tap now at Bricklayer for glasses at the bar, and growlers and crowlers to take home.

Source & Photo: Bricklayer Brewing