Blindman Brewing Foedered Lager Series Continues with Bohemian Pilsner

LACOMBE, AB – Blindman Brewing has announced the release of the latest in its ongoing series of foeder-aged lager-style beers.

Foedered Lager: Bohemian Pilsner (5% abv) is described as follows:

The origins of this beer start in Plzeň, the heart of the Czech Republic. Local Pilsner malt, old world hops and the softest water we can manage combine for our interpretation on a classic. There are rich and complex malt notes, accentuated by the white oak of the foeder and brilliantly balanced with a spicy and peppery hop element. A clean beer with a smooth middle and super dry finish makes this wood-aged treat perfect to pair with schnitzel and some European footy.

Foedered Lager: Bohemian Pilsner will be available soon at the Blindman Brewing retail store and online shop, and select beer retailers in Alberta.

Source & Photo: Blindman Brewing