Blindman Brewing and Fallentimber Meadery Bring Back Albertarita Margarita Braggot

LACOMBE, AB – Blindman Brewing has announced the return of a collaboration with Fallentimber Meadery.

Albertarita Margarita Braggot (4.7% abv):

Back in November we released a collaboration with our friends at Fallentimber to help celebrate 5 years of Blindman beer and 10 years of Fallentimber mead. We decided to make a margarita-style braggot (beer and mead blend) and release it in winter. Really smart. But we loved it, the good people loved it, and we really wanted to do it again… so we did! And the timing of this re-release could not be any better with this heat wave looming. This beverage is built on a gose beer base and traditional mead blended with lime juice and salt and finished with lime zest. It is light, citrusy, salty, sour, sweet and so refreshing. All the things to help keep the heat at bay.

Albertarita is available now at the Blindman retail store and beer retailers throughout the province.

Source & Photo: Blindman Brewing