Banded Peak Brewing Relaunches Beer That Gives Back Charity Initiative

CALGARY, AB – Banded Peak Brewing has announced the relaunch of Beer That Gives Back, an initiative to raise funds and awareness for local charity organizations.

The first recipient for the 2021 campaign will be Rocky Mountain Adaptive, a charity that assists “individuals with physical, intellectual, cognitive, or developmental challenges to participate, learn and excel in all sports and creation activities in the Canadian Rockies.”

A portion of sales of the brewery’s Uptrack Hazy IPA will be used to purchase a new Bowhead Reach, an adapted mountain bike designed and manufactured by Bowhead Corp.

“We chose RMA because they align with our core values of promoting and engaging individuals in outdoor adventure,” said Alex Horner, Founder, Banded Peak Brewing in a statement. “We have been in conversations with Bowhead, a local Calgary company, for several years about partnering up, brewing a beer together and building an adaptive mountain bike that we could share with a group that would use it and RMA was a great fit.”

“Here at Rocky Mountain Adaptive we strive to make the mountains accessible to all through providing opportunities for those living with a disability to participate in mountain sport and recreation,” added  Alana MacLeod, Community Outreach Coordinator, Rocky Mountain Adaptive. “Initiatives like the one Banded Peak Brewing is undertaking currently to fundraise for a new Bowhead Reach are truly so impactful to what we do here. This piece of equipment was one of our most popular last summer, and this potential addition would allow us to expand this particular experience this coming summer and get more individuals out on the trails.”

Uptrack Hazy IPA is available now at the Banded Peak retail store and online shop, and select beer retailers in Alberta.

Source & Photo: Banded Peak Brewing press release