Avling Brewery Releases Orpheus Barrel-Aged Blend

TORONTO, ON – Avling Brewery has announced the release of its first barrel-aged blended beer of 2021.

Orpheus (6.5% abv) was made with the addition of marigolds grown on the brewery rooftop, and orange wine grape skins from Trail Estate Winery in Prince Edward County. It’s described as follows:

In appearance, Orpheus is a pale orange-peach colour, with good clarity, and high carbonation. On the nose, it has aromas of sweet citrus fruit, bergamot, white pepper, and strawberries. At first taste, it has the fruit acidity that makes your mouth water – it’s on the cusp of being sour on your palate, without ever being overt about it (this is what’s commonly referred to as “tension” for all you wine lovers out there! ) This beer is textured: soft, with some muscle to it; with a tannic presence that doesn’t blow your palate away, but is inescapable all the same. Drink it today or save it for later – it will age with beauty and intrigue.

Orpheus is available now at the Avling retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Avling Brewing