2 Crows Brewing Releases Tiny Dancer Belgian Table Beer and Assamica Barrel-Aged Sour

HALIFAX, NS – 2 Crows Brewing has announced the release of its two newest beers.

Tiny Dancer (3.6% abv):

Tiny Dancer is a Belgian Table Beer, inspired by a couple of our favourite beers. It is bitter, fresh, and a little bit funky — great for drinking while staring out your window and dreaming about being on a patio somewhere. Very bright, very fun, very refreshing — we are stoked about how it turned out, and will be drinking lots of this little guy as the weather warms up.

Assamica (6% abv):

Assamica is an Amaro barrel aged sour with Assam tea from World Tea House. Very smooth, tannic, malty and earthy, with lovely herbaceous notes from the barrel. Very fun and complex, with lots going on in the glass as it warms.

Both beers are available available now at the 2 Crows retail shop and online store. For more information including more detailed descriptions of the beers, see the full announcement on Instagram.

Source & Photos: 2 Crows Brewing Instagram page