Help us raise money for our brewing equipment and in return be part of an elite club for life. Check out the benefits below.

Founders’ Club Member
(for the individual)

Founders’ Club
Corporate Sponsor




  • Every time you visit you will be served in a special edition glass that’s 4 ounces larger, for the cost of a regular beer – for life.
  • You’ll be invited to an exclusive annual gathering featuring seasonal tastings, live music, and free food. The VIP founders club night (Brewery is closed to the public) will be a highlight on your calendar every year, for life
  • Lifetime discount of 15% for all Ridge Rock Brewery swag and get your collection started with a free Limited Edition Ridge Rock Brewery Founders Hat
  • Special founders’ club ID card to show off as your support
  • Your name featured on the founders’ club plaque which located inside the pub in perpetuity
  • Founders’ club benefits for two employees – for life (See benefits on the left)
  • Your name on a special corporate founders’ club plaque inside the pub on opening day and forever. 
  • VIP locker for your members’ beer steins with your corporate name plaque prominently displayed inside the pub.
  • Wash and restock of your stein(s) after each visit
  • Complimentary Use of Ridge Rock’s VIP event room once a year for meetings or parties.
Prices for founders club will increase once we open our doors. The number of memberships will be based on our occupancy (TBD soon)

All founders club members are for life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I buy a membership – does my partner get the same perks?
A: Your individual membership only gives one individual the perks BUT nothing stopping you from buying swag at a discounted rate for your friends and family. Also, the Founders Club annual event invite does get you a plus-1 so you could bring your lucky partner

Q: How many memberships are you going to be selling?
A: It is going to be based on our occupancy for the building. Once we sell out then that is it. Projections are that we will be sold out much before we actually open our doors.  To make sure you get in before we sell out get yours today.